Which Scarf program did you take part in?

Winter Scarf ‘18 at Bhang

Which country were you born in?


How did you hear about Scarf and why did you apply for the program?

Through family friends. I wanted to experience a different environment after year 12. I also wanted to gain skills and experience that made me more employable.

Before you applied for Scarf, what was your experience of job-hunting and applying for jobs? 

My job-hunting experience before Scarf was frustrating at times, as I applied for many jobs and was never given an opportunity. 

What was it like being a trainee during the seasonal Scarf program?

The environment was very warm and friendly, which was a great thing considering I was quite nervous about attending guests. Mentors and other trainees were very supportive and approachable.

What was the most valuable thing you got from participating in Scarf?

The network I felt invited to.

Do you think working with a mentor is a positive thing? If so, why?

Yes, I think having someone experienced by your side who is there to share their knowledge with you and support you, encourages you to actively learn and feel confident while doing so.

Did the Scarf program help to increase your confidence? If so, why?

Yes, after learning skills and then using those skills to attend guests in Scarf, I consistently felt less frightened about talking to guests and people in general. I was able to be more relaxed in a social context.

How long did it take you to get a job after you graduated from Scarf?

I started working at The European/Spring Street Events almost immediately after graduating.

Tell us about the first job you got after you finished Scarf. 

I started working part time at The European/Spring Street Events. My role can be that of a waiter in events, as well as being in contact with clients and staff while organising different types of events. I started working there in September 2019; I’ve been there just over 12 months. 

Tell us what you like about your job at The European?

I like that the range of tasks I’m required to do is quite dynamic. The environment is also very friendly.

Apart from working, what else have you been doing since leaving Scarf?

I’ve also been completing a Bachelor of Applied Science specialised in Psychology.

Do you believe that your job is a result of your time at Scarf?

I definitely believe that my experience at Scarf enabled me to work at The European/Spring Street Events alongside Jonny.

NB: Jonny was Scarf’s Restaurant Manager from 2016 – mid-2019, and is also a manager in The European Group. 

Would you like to become a mentor or trainer at Scarf in the future? If yes, why?

Yes, I would love to become a mentor one day because to me it was a very helpful experience, and being able to contribute to someone else’s similar experience would be inspiring. 

Do you have any words of advice for other young people who are interested in participating in Scarf?

Even if you aren’t deeply interested in hospitality, the experience itself can offer you a perspective of some of the best things about working in hospitality. Being part of Scarf makes you appreciate hospitality more and you also get to learn a lot about different things while meeting awesome people. 

All photos: Linsey Rendell