Lynette Peters joined the Scarf Team in mid-June 2021, in a newly created leadership role, Director of Operations and Programs. During her first week (in between getting fully immersed in trainee recruitment for Winter Scarf '21) she shared a few thoughts with us:

Tell us about your experience before coming to this role at Scarf?

What I bring to Scarf is leadership experience, 35 years in customer experience and training, a counselling qualification and current studies in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing. I have also volunteered heavily throughout the last few years in Community Engagement and Fundraising. I believe the skills cultivated in all these areas are key to facilitating positive growth and development in others. As a leader, I am equal parts humanistic and commercially/business-minded, and using my 'Power for Good' - for self, family, team and community, is something I feel deeply passionate about. 

What's your favourite food/cuisine?

I love food! Everything about it: shopping locally for it, especially at the markets; I love preparing and cooking the food, setting the scene, sharing the meal with family and friends, and choosing the wine. Food is symbolic; it connects me to my Mother, brothers and my extended family, to my heritage and our story. Family Food is Sacred Food. I grew up in Mother's kitchen and loved cooking alongside her. I had special jobs in her kitchen which I think of every time I cook. I find cooking therapeutic, and often cathartic, especially with the music playing in the background, a candle burning and a glass of sparkling as I chop, dice, slice and stir. Momentum, flow and instinct are essential ingredients. Decades of memories all woven together by and around food. When dining out, or eating in, I love all cuisines, but my favourites (in no particular order) are Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Italian... did I mention that I love all food! Food that's prepared with passion, love and good intention, always tastes, smells and feels better.  


What are you most excited about when you think about joining the Scarf Team?

Where do I start? I am still celebrating the fact that I've joined the Scarf Team - it's still sinking in. I am incredibly excited about helping facilitate positive transformation and growth in the lives of others and looking forward to connecting with meaningful, purposeful work, in an organisation with whom I share a genuine sense of alignment, values and mission. I'm excited about the diversity within my role as Director of Operations and Programs. I am excited about our Operational and Strategic Plans, and executing both with a sense of team spirit and wholeheartedness; head, heart and gut. I'm excited about helping Scarf (as a living, breathing organisation) grow, and in leading that growth. I'm excited about empowering our teams, our trainees, and mentors; to working collaboratively with them, and with our industry partners, ambassadors, supporters and friends of Scarf. I'm excited about the process of transforming creative, unique, bright and bold ideas - 'juicy with potential' - into tangible, successful and abundant projects which help us navigate our way towards our short, mid and long-term future. I'm excited about building on the solid foundations which have been built over the last 11 years, and ensuring we continue to grow in ways that are adaptable, innovative, resilient and robust. I'm excited about the fun that awaits. I'm excited about being part of a locally grown social enterprise, which stands by, celebrates, and honours equity, social justice, compassion, empathy - and whose words, values and actions are completely aligned. I am deeply excited about being surrounded by like-minded people working towards a common goal; and being involved in the synergy created as a result of this collaboration. I am excited about growing our Scarf Community. My excitement is matched by my humility and my awe of Scarf as an organisation. 

What do you hope to achieve from your time working at Scarf? 

I hope to achieve the following whilst I am entrusted with my responsibility at Scarf: 

To be committed to the continuous, meaningful, and solid growth of Scarf, and our collective community, in all the ways that matter most. I hope that Scarf’s second decade will be as fruitful, significant and prosperous as our first, and we will be guided and anchored by our Strategic and Operational Plans, our adaptability, resourcefulness and our sense of creativity, resilience and enterprise. I hope we continue to rise above the impact of Covid; all its uncertainties and limitations, with tenacity, determination and courage. I hope our partnerships with industry professionals continue to grow and thrive; and our relationship circle will continue to expand with a sense of mutual respect, loyalty and success. I hope that Scarf and I will grow together, and I will facilitate this growth in our leaders, teams, trainees, mentors, ambassadors and business partners. I hope to have fun along the way and help others do the same, as we embark on our respective and collective adventures with and for Scarf. I hope to lead and nurture Scarf with a brave, whole, generous and kind heart, weaving all of my skills, experience and talents, along Scarf's lifespan, particularly Scarf's second decade. I hope to engage new sources of support and galvanise existing support within our Scarf Community - both of which will be 'long term relationships'. I hope to execute the vision we have for Scarf, by providing humanistic leadership, a sense of stewardship and custodianship. I hope I can be instrumental in each of these goals and achievements.