Real venues. Real diners. Real experience. Real jobs. 

Scarf trainees are amazing, resilient young people who have faced barriers to employment but haven’t given up. They’re keen to learn, keen to bust into an industry that they know can change their lives.

Scarf’s approach is simple: learning in real venues and serving real diners means real experience which leads to real jobs. The trainees grow their knowledge and skills during training sessions in industry hotspots like Stomping Ground Beer Hall, Five Senses Coffee and Garden State Hotel. Trainees then serve real diners at some of Melbourne's best restaurants, with on-the-spot support from heavyweight hospitality mentors who volunteer with a passion to share their skills and networks. 

We also run super practical Job Readiness workshops with a focus on hospitality resume-writing, understanding Work Rights in Australia, and interview practice with real hospitality managers.

After 10 weeks, Scarf trainees have gained heaps of confidence and seriously upped their knowledge, skills and networks. With individualised wellbeing and job-readiness support, we ensure our graduates have the best shot at getting a job as they transition from our program into the hospitality industry or elsewhere. 72% of graduates from Scarf's 10-week seasonal programs are in jobs within six months of leaving the program. 


It’s a model we’re proud of.

Understand the difference we make through these Facts and Figures and Evaluation Videos


Cover image: Tasting Plate '19 at The Rochey. Photo by Roger Ungers