Monday 29 June 2020


We're very excited to announce that Scarf is the auspice organisation for CoVid-19 Employee Assistance Directive, a new not-for-profit which is feeding Melbourne hospo workers who've been left jobless in the current pandemic.

We asked co-founder Henry Le to talk us through what this super-resourceful group has done so far:

"Since we started this organisation 12 weeks ago, we've cooked and sent out just under 15,000 chef-cooked meals to 4,229 people (thanks to FareShare and OzHarvest Melbourne). Our drivers have covered 5,506km to do contactless deliveries to 1,846 households across Melbourne (through our dedicated roster of over 20 volunteer delivery drivers). Our crowdfunding campaign has raised $41,440 purely through word of mouth. We've also delivered over 9,950kg of fresh produce and dry goods which have been provided by OzHarvest through their Food Essentials box program. This is all made possible by our army of volunteers. The organisation requires the effort of 58 full time and part time volunteers on a weekly basis."

We're so proud to support this absolutely legendary work which is testament to the strength of the Melbourne hospitality industry.

As our auspicee, CoVid-19 E.A.D are now able to receive tax-deductible donations. Find out more about their work, register to receive support or to volunteer, or make a donation via

You can also follow CoVid-19 E.A.D on Instagram or Facebook to keep across all their news. 

Update 2 November: CoVid-19 E.A.D have now delivered over 55,000 meals to jobless hospo workers. 


Find out more about what Scarf is focussing on in 2020



CoVid-19 E.A.D published these stats on 2 November: