Which Scarf program did you take part in?

Spring Scarf '17 at Auction Rooms

Which country were you born in?


How did you hear about Scarf and why did you apply for the program?

I was referred by Brotherhood of St Laurence. I wanted to get experience as I had no experience working in Australia. I wanted to try something new and thought hospitality would be a great way to learn lots of skills for any career! 

Before you applied for Scarf, what was your experience of job-hunting?

I had applied to many jobs before Scarf, all of which were unsuccessful and it constantly stressed me out because I had no work experience in Australia. But at the same time, I remained confident and willing to try more. 

Was the Scarf program what you expected? Or were there parts of it that surprised you? If so, why?

Definitely surprised of how great it was! Everyone was supportive and chilled that it didn't feel like a job or training. 


The Spring Scarf '17 trainees outside Auction Rooms. Photo: Gareth Sobey


What was the most valuable thing you got from participating in Scarf?

The experience itself! 

Do you think working with a mentor is a positive thing? If so, why?

Of course! We need someone to support us on the floor because we don't know what's going on on the floor. 

Scarf helped increase my confidence. It taught me to be myself around everyone. Being employed is definitely easier thanks to Scarf. 

Tell us about the first job you got when you graduated from Scarf?

I got a job in the final couple of weeks of the Scarf program, as food and beverage attendant at Gladstone Park Hotel. I worked there for nearly two years. 

What did you like about the job?

Ability to learn new skills and apply them every day. 


Danny worked at Do More Than Dine '18. Photo: Linsey Rendell


Apart from working, what else have you been doing since leaving Scarf?

Finished VCE (Year 12) in December 2019 and worked at Brotherhood of St Laurence, as a Youth Advisor for a year.

Are you working right now? 

I'm currently working at Parkroyal Melbourne Airport as a food and beverage attendant, working around 25 hours per week as a casual employee. 

Would you like to become a mentor or trainer at Scarf in the future? If yes, why?

Yes, to give back to, and contribute more to Scarf community. 

Do you have any words of advice for other young people who are interested in participating in Scarf?

It will make a big difference. Trust me!


The Spring Scarf '17 team of trainees and mentors outside Auction Rooms. Photo: Gareth Sobey


Hear directly from Danny in this video from Do More Than Dine '18. Video: Roger Ungers.



NB: Danny answered these questions via email in December 2019. Portrait Photo: Gareth Sobey