Which Scarf program did you take part in?

Winter Scarf '18 at Bhang

Which country were you born in?

DR Congo.

How did you hear about Scarf and why did you apply for the program?

Through a friend who'd been a trainee in a previous program. I had just moved to Melbourne for school and I wanted a job.

Before you applied for Scarf, what was your experience of job-hunting?

I did have not enough skills for job hunting, it was really hard to get rejected even without an explanation why they wouldn't take me. 

Was the Scarf program what you expected? Or were there parts of it that surprised you? If so, why?

It was absolutely what I expected, even better. 

It was really hard to get rejected [by a potential employer] without an explanation... I learnt a lot [at Scarf] but the most important was good communication skills and team work.

Order of service training during Winter Scarf '18 at Bhang. Photo: Linsey Rendell


What was the most valuable thing you got from participating in Scarf?

I learnt a lot of hospitality skills but the most important one was good communication skills and team work. 

Do you think working with a mentor is a positive thing? If so, why?

Yes, having a mentor with me made the pressure a little bit less and I always knew that I had someone to ask if I did not know what to do. Hence this boosted my confidence level.

I work as a food runner and bussie at Garden State Hotel. Working there continues to improve my hospitality skills I obtained at Scarf. 

The Winter Scarf '18 team of trainees at our wonderful partner restaurant for the season, Bhang. Photo: Linsey Rendell


Did the Scarf program help to increase your confidence? If so, why?

Yes, having mentor next to me along the way meant that everything was going to be alright therefore I was confident.

Tell us about the first job you got after you finished Scarf?

I got a job as a food runner and bussie at Garden State Hotel within a few weeks of finishing. I've been there for just over 1.5 years. 

Tell us what you like about this job?

Working at Garden State has and continues to improve my hospitality skills that I had already obtained from Scarf, and working in a large group is nice. 

Coffee training with Vertue Coffee. Photo: Linsey Rendell


Would you like to become a mentor or trainer at Scarf in the future? If yes, why?

Yes, because Scarf helped me a lot and I would like to give back to community. It would make me feel good to see other graduates go through what I went through. 

Do you have any words of advice for other young people who are interested in participating in Scarf?

They should just do it. It is a really good opportunity.


Emma's interview was conducted via email in December 2019. Portrait Photo: Linsey Rendell