A Scarf Dinner is a top-quality dining experience which changes lives. It’s similar to a night out in a great restaurant, except that by dining with Scarf, you’re making a real difference to the lives of young people who have faced barriers to work. The chefs from our partner restaurant design and cook a set menu ($45 per head), and Scarf trainees and mentors take care of the front of house. Sponsorship from some of the most legendary booze-makers means we can also offer a fantastic drinks list - think Unico Zelo & Harvest wine, Four Pillars gin, Stomping Ground beer, Starward whisky and more! 


Sounds like a great night out?

We're currently taking bookings for Autumn Scarf Dinners at Stomping Ground Beer Hall. 


If you’re booking in to a Scarf Dinner, you can expect delicious food, a top-notch drinks list, attentive service, a fun and buzzy atmosphere and the opportunity to provide valuable feedback to help educate our trainees and build their confidence. 

If you dine early in the season, nerves might be quite high and there may not be a perfect reciting of the menu! Towards the end of the season you’ll probably see the trainees owning the floor while the mentors step into the background. Some people like to dine early and late in the season, to see the huge progress made throughout the program. But hey, don’t just listen to us! Here are some words from Scarf diners:

People are helping and having a wonderful experience at the same time. When people see the hope and happiness on the trainees' faces they begin to understand what is possible, and that they can be agents for change. It is positive and empowering for both diners and trainees.” 

“It's a great example of 'Shared Value' - the restaurants do good while advancing their business at the same time. It also makes it very easy for diners to make a positive contribution to the community - win, win!”

Cover Image: Autumn Scarf Dinner at The Rochey in action. Photo: Linsey Rendell