Lisa Jones


Lisa spent 15 years working overseas with international aid organisations, mostly in countries in conflict and post-conflict, assisting people forced to flee their homes. She is now a Partner at Synergistiq, measuring social impact and nurturing systemic changes in social justice and human rights. With degrees in arts and law, Lisa has brought her advocacy and governance skills to the Scarf board since early 2018, along with a drive for social justice. Always an enthusiastic restaurant goer, Lisa is delighted to have found Scarf and to help create opportunities for young people seeking protection and those from refugee and migrant backgrounds – amazing people who have endured the worst and continue to show extraordinary determination in the face of barriers.


Sara Webb

Sara is a program evaluator, facilitator, designer, and supporter of community development who works in Australia and internationally. She has been operating her consultancy business, Duniya Pty Ltd, since 2005, and has worked all over the world, living in India, Timor-Leste and the Pacific along the way. Since moving to Melbourne and discovering Scarf, Sara’s been a big fan who avidly attends Scarf Dinners. Joining the Scarf board in 2017, Sara brings her experience in organisational governance and community development to support its work. If she had to chose a favourite cuisine, she’d go with Mexican (but, she stresses, “real Mexican, in Mexico!”)


Matthew Teran

Matthew has worked in the social and community sectors for close to a decade and is a longtime supporter of Scarf’s work, initially as a practitioner working with people seeking protection and those from refugee backgrounds. More recently, after moving into strategy and business development roles, he has become a very loyal Scarf diner. Since 2017, Matthew has led innovation and service growth projects at community health organisation cohealth. With degrees in social work and public policy, Matthew joined the Scarf board in 2017, where his knowledge of the trends shaping not-for-profits will be of great value.


Noel Batrouney


Noel is a lawyer, and was a partner at Hall & Wilcox until 2017, practising mainly in commercial disputes and regulatory issues. He now consults to Hall & Wilcox from time to time. A former volunteer tutor at AMES, Noel is interested in assisting people from refugee backgrounds to fully engage in the community. Noel holds degrees in law and economics and has sat on Scarf's board since 2010. He is a keen Scarf diner who loves to bring family and friends along each season to support new trainees. He enjoys Lebanese food and trying the numerous Lebanese restaurants in Melbourne (his favourite being Abla’s in Carlton) and he's currently studying a Diploma of Languages in French at RMIT.


Hannah Brennan

Hannah is Scarf’s Co-founder and General Manager and has sat on Scarf’s board of directors since 2010. After working in hospitality for over ten years and volunteering with Fitzroy’s refugee community via The Social Studio, Hannah co-founded Scarf with Jess Moran in 2010. Hannah holds a Bachelor of Multimedia (Media Studies) from Swinburne University of Technology and dabbles in freelance writing. She firmly believes in the power of social enterprise to allow marginalised young people to gain the skills, confidence and connections needed to break into employment.