A society which embraces diversity, celebrates connected communities, and has equitable employment opportunities for all.


To create a nourishing, supportive and inclusive space for trainees to gain confidence, skills, knowledge and networks. To foster connections in the hospitality industry to create equitable employment opportunities.


Quality & Pride

Scarf training sessions, dinners and events are top quality. Trainees, trainers, mentors, staff, board members, restaurant partners, sponsors and diners are all proud to be part of Scarf.


We acknowledge that the current system does not afford everyone the same opportunities. We strive to change this, so that all young people have equitable access to training and employment.

Respect & Togetherness

Whilst respecting that each Scarf trainee has their own aspirations, goals and dreams, we value togetherness and what we can achieve as a team.


We believe in the importance of hard work and fun in equal measure.


We use our privileged position to form purposeful partnerships in the community sector, the hospitality industry, and beyond.

Possibility & Opening Doors

We see potential in every individual and strive to create meaningful change for all participants.


We’re proud of our important work, but try not to take ourselves too seriously all the time. We’re grateful for the support we receive, large or small.


Learn about Scarf's Strategic Goals here:

Scarf Strategic Plan 2019 - 2022


Cover photo: Spring Scarf '19 trainees having a bit of fun at Garden State Hotel. Photo: Roger Ungers