At Scarf, we transform the lives of young people seeking protection, and those from refugee and migrant backgrounds, by getting them into work while adding flavour and heart to the hospitality industry. Founded in 2010, Scarf is a not-for-profit organisation which operates as a social enterprise. We partner with restaurants and other hospitality businesses to run Scarf Dinners and provide meaningful training, mentoring and paid work experience to our participants. We create a positive, real-world experience for our trainees, who have faced significant barriers to work. They are paid, valued, become part of a learning community, and move on to meaningful jobs with confidence, supportive relationships, and excitement. Scarf Trainees are at the centre of everything we do, but meaningful roles are also played by Scarf Diners and Scarf Mentors.

If you’re interested in the bigger picture, you can read our 2019 – 2022 Strategic Plan.


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Cover image: Hands-on training during Autumn Scarf '19 at The Rochey. Photo: Linsey Rendell