Scarf trainees are amazing, resilient young people who have faced barriers to employment but haven’t given up. They’re keen to learn, keen to bust into an industry that they know can change their lives. 

Meet some young people who’ve been trainees in Scarf programs.


Autumn Scarf ‘19

Currently employed at The European/Spring St Events

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“Seeing that there are people who really care about young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds, and trying as much as they can to help them to find a job, that makes me really feel that I am in the right place.” 


Winter Scarf ‘18

Currently employed at Garden State Hotel

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Having a mentor with me made the pressure a little bit less and I always knew that I had someone to ask if I did not know what to do. This boosted my confidence level.


Spring Scarf ‘17

Currently employed at Parkroyal Melbourne Airport

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“I had applied to many jobs before Scarf, all of which were unsuccessful and it constantly stressed me out because I had no work experience in Australia. Being employed is definitely easier thanks to Scarf.”


Autumn Scarf ‘16

Currently employed at Super Ling

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I had expectations that Scarf would give me experience in hospitality and help me make connections. It surprised me how well connected Scarf is to the Melbourne hospitality family.


Autumn Scarf ‘15

Currently employed at Siglo and City Wine Shop

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“The best thing about Scarf was meeting different people from different backgrounds. Especially as English is my third language. Doing Scarf helped me develop my English.”


Spring Scarf ‘14

Currently employed at Attica

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“Working with mentors gives you the confidence needed to do the job and talk to customers. Even when I was on my own I felt confident because of that! Within two weeks of leaving Scarf I got a job at Sofitel on Collins.”