Where Are They Now? Q + A with graduate Palkyi

We asked Palkyi (graduate of Spring Scarf ’16 which ran at The Robert Burns Hotel) why she did the program and what she’s been up to since. Here are Palkyi’s answers, in her own words.

Why did you want to do Scarf?

I had very little experience working in the hospitality industry before Scarf. With no prior trainings and proper skills, I was facing difficulty in getting work. In order to learn required knowledge and develop service skills, I applied to Scarf.

Training at The Robert Burns Hotel in preparation for work at Scarf Dinners

What was the most beneficial part of the program?

Personally, the mentoring system of learning was the most beneficial for me. I would have found it awkward and difficult to enact new skills learned during afternoon sessions when serving customers at dinner. However, with mentors displaying these skills and guiding us trainees along, I was able to observe and improve myself furthermore.

Palkyi with the Scarf team during the Spring Scarf ’16 graduation 

Did Scarf help your confidence grow so that you could pursue employment after the program? How?

Scarf provided a very supportive learning environment. Feedbacks from mentors really helped me with seeing where I need improvements. By the time training ended, I am aware of wine varieties, pouring beers, table service skills and many other aspects of hospitality services which was unknown to me before. Being equipped with these knowledge, I found myself a lot more confident when looking for work.  

What have you done since graduating from Scarf?

During my Scarf training period, I undertook work experience during Scarf’s Do More than Drink campaign. I worked at Sun Moth Canteen and Bar for two days. I was then offered a job at Sun Moth and have been working there for little over a year now! I am also studying at Latrobe University, doing Bachelor of Philosophy, Economics and Politics and am onto my third year.

 Tell us about your job?

At Sun Moth, I work both at the front and in the kitchen. In the kitchen, I mostly help the chef with making sandwiches, cutting vegetables and doing the dishes. As a front staff, I run food, clear tables, take orders and pour beers. As there is small team of staffs working, I get to learn and work at different sections of the canteen.

What do you hope to be doing five years from now?

I would like to be working in a library.