Become a Scarf partner restaurant—it’s a great move. You’ll join over 40 restaurants like Uncle, The Rochey, Higher Ground, Bhang and The Lincoln who’ve proudly hosted hundreds of Scarf Dinners and served thousands of loyal Scarf diners.

Partnering with Scarf means showcasing your food to over 700 Scarf diners over eight weeks. It means the kind of media you can’t buy, in places like The Age, Broadsheet, Time Out and Peppermint.

It’s a top shelf operation. From the calibre of sponsored product, to the mentors from Melbourne’s best restaurants, partnering with Scarf creates real industry buzz. And you’ll find out why your restaurant is better than any classroom to the young people whose careers you’ll ignite. 


Interested in becoming a Scarf Partner?

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Cover Image: Autumn Scarf '19 at The Rochey. Photo: Linsey Rendell